Our Affiliates

The Midwest Dairy Foods Research Center is 1 of 5 dairy centers that help dairy, food and beverage manufacturers develop new products, ingredients, processes and introduce new packaging technologies.

Our Center functions through collaboration between 3 different groups who work together to make up the center's operational advisory committee. This committee sets policies and dictates the research program for our center.


National and Regional Dairy Promotion Groups

  • National Dairy Council™  (NDC) is our national sponsor. They determine the national research needs for the National Dairy Foods Research Center Program (NDRFCP) and construct the framework for research areas to be addressed. Grants are awarded on a nationally-competitive basis.
  • Midwest Dairy™ is our major regional sponsor. They allocate $345,000 annually to the center. These funds are spent on projects that based on regional research needs and are determined by our operational advisory committee. Grants are awarded on a regionally-competitive basis among our member universities.

Industry Organizations

  • Industrial sponsors - dairy and food industry organizations who pay $5,000 annually to be on our operational advisory committee.